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Exhibition at Topje van de Boszoom

November 8, 2011

At a great exhibition in the outskirts of Rotterdam, Humango showed it’s best pieces. The collective show ‘Het topje van de Boszoom’exhibit distinctive kind of artist and designers which had been active at the place of the collective Boszoom Solutions. Humango received a light place for it 2 and 3 dimensional works. The show in the pavilion were a fine combination of selected pieces with minimal coloures and expression. The figure itself came forward into the work.

See here a overview of  Humango’s works at the Boszoom. For more works of the collective show Topje van de Boszoom look at the site of


October 3, 2011

Smortiman moved to Jakarta

October 3, 2011

Smortiman moved to Jakarta with Martinez

Human go rok

October 3, 2011




October 3, 2011

head at fire


Presentation in the Salon of Pictura

November 18, 2007

A group exhibition of the members of Pictura, in the oldest artist society of the Netherlands.

Exhibition takes place from 17 novembre till 16 decembre 2007 in Pictura, Dordrecht,

Humango presented two fresh sculptures in wood. here some impressions

:smzmstogether.gif smzmfrontal.gif zenmasterfrontal.gif             samoeriaback.gif

Doors of perception

October 22, 2007

Animation of the manhole discovery

Photos and frottages from manholes, which were collected during the trip of the LHE through the Western Balkan in August 2006 by Hugo Lammerink


They represent the craft of casting, the symbols of the town (heraldic), place or region of production or the type of network with codification.

The lids of the underground network show a forgotten business and story of cooperation in the formal republics of Yugoslavia., either they show the pure art of streetlids design. Doors of perception searched for a different view of the relations within the Western Balkan by watching the earth of asphalt and manholes to discover common languages or patterns.

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