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Tranjo in proces

September 18, 2018

Wooden sculpture developed from drawing to big size with divers materials. Size 215 x 125cm

Fresh painting series humangos

September 18, 2018

Works on paper with acryl, oil, waterpaint and ink. Sizes about 90 x 60cm







Transferman 0.1

November 10, 2017


Humango in Cirkel

November 20, 2016


Rotterdam, Exhibition 19 of November 2016.

Humango presents his works in Cirkel; a new place for art, design , workshops and activities concerning the consciousness of actual changes in society, global themes and local crafts.

New sculptures of steel thread and hard stone combined on wooden board.  the sculpture Cirkelman is centered into an wheel of a bicycle.









Arte Concordia – 13 september t/m 12 oktober 2014

September 12, 2014

webflyer Arte Concordia 2014

De voorbijganger. The passer-by

September 12, 2014

P1120596 P1120605


De voorbijganger van Humango aan de Avenue Concordia. Vandaag geplaatst voor de tentoonstelling Arte Concordia te Kralingen, Rotterdam. Morgen , zaterdag 13 september om 16.00 de feestelijke opening.

The passer-by made by Humango at the Avenue Concordia is placed today for the exhibition Arte Concordia at Kralingen, Rotterdam. Tomorrow at 16.00 the inauguration

see for more information: 

Humango wakes up after deep sleep

August 28, 2014

Welcome back, Humango. It’s been sleeping for almost 3 years now, and suddenly a phonecall; a asignment for exhibition in the  public space. Humango goes to Avenue Concordia, Rotterdam. Preparing the new scuplture in his working space, we give you some glimes  of the development of the work. A work dedicated to the passenger in the context of the place.


P1120545     P1120549P1120566 


Exhibition at Topje van de Boszoom

November 8, 2011

At a great exhibition in the outskirts of Rotterdam, Humango showed it’s best pieces. The collective show ‘Het topje van de Boszoom’exhibit distinctive kind of artist and designers which had been active at the place of the collective Boszoom Solutions. Humango received a light place for it 2 and 3 dimensional works. The show in the pavilion were a fine combination of selected pieces with minimal coloures and expression. The figure itself came forward into the work.

See here a overview of  Humango’s works at the Boszoom. For more works of the collective show Topje van de Boszoom look at the site of


October 3, 2011

Smortiman moved to Jakarta

October 3, 2011

Smortiman moved to Jakarta with Martinez